This video (produced in 2015) has been awarded a VIMEO STAFF PICK. It is one of a series of videos in collaboration between m ss ng p eces and MIT Media Lab for the Knotty Objects Summit, the first MIT Media Lab Summit devoted to design. I worked as Director of Photography in the Shenzhen part of this film.

Curated by BUNNIE HUANG and KEVIN SALVIN. The phone lies at the foundation of 21st century human (and non-human) communication, and shapes these exchanges for the hand, for the eye, and in the mind.

executive producer and founder ARI KUSCHNIR
executive producers and partners KATE OPPENHEIM & BRIAN LATT
head of production DAVE SALTZMAN

director of photography DAN WITROCK

on behalf of Co.MISSION CONTENT

executive producer HARRISON WINTER
producer in Shenzhen DAVID ATTALI
director of photography in Shenzhen: NILS CLAUSS

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